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Balcony of the regional park of Pilat in border of the Road of Santiago de Compostela, faced in against fort of high Ardêche Véranne.
Véranne le village

Village leaned in the Massif of Pilat, the last rock peak of the Massif central overhanging the lane Rhôdanien, in front of the chain of the Alps Which we admire in clear weather.

The municipality of 1626 hectares stages of 580 m of height in the village to 1363 m in the peak of the crest of Oeillon. 

Its orientation southeast gives him a moderate climate is pleasant with a period of sunshine upper to the average of the region favorable to the culture of fruit trees.
Dans les Sapins

Village in the very ancient origins where we find prehistoric, antique vestiges megaliths with cupules and defensive surrounding walls of the Iron Age. During search it was found by the tracks of Celtic period.
Also let us not forget that the Roman crossed the massif to find the water necessary for Lugdunum.

From the Xth century the village is mentioned and makes left the Seignerie de Maclas. 

In the XIXth century the industre of the weaving in connection with the silk manufacturers of Lyon allows a development of the village and of the region surrounding.

Véranne le village

Chapelle Saint Sabin   

In the past, the growth of textile industry provided work to a part of the population. Today the work is mainly provided by local arboriculture, forestry and some small.

The development of the means of transportation allows today has everyone to find some work in the industries of the Rhone lane unless half an hour

Ancients memorials:
  • Castle of the Buisson XVII Th
  • Church of XIX th
  • St Sabin Bâtie's rustic chapel in 1693 on vestiges of 1317
 Lac de Maclas  Tourism   

The forest domain and of low mountain range offers interessantes activities for the city-dwellers of LYON, St Etienne, ANNONAY and moreover..

Ski on the tracks(runways) of the bessat
Nordic skiing in the massif
Walk Trecking on the GR
Horse Riding,

Visit of cultural site
And So On.
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 Champs de pomme

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