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Distance jusqu'à Saint Jacques de Compostelle For you  pilgrims, Big Walkers, we propose you small additionals services of accompaniment.

 The GR65 or Road of Santiago de Compostela passes in 500m below our bed and breakfast. You can join us by following, from the Hamlet the Bush the White / Brown tagging (Road 9 of the park). At the top of the steep little climb take to the right ( The big road) then the second to the right (Road of Bichette). See the plan below to find us, Otherwise....

1) If you reserved your room, call up we when you arrive towards the locality the Bush "Le Buisson) 
(near of the cross) we shall go to look for you by car and the next day we shall return you to the same point.

You wish to relieve for a less tiring walking, we shall transport you your luggage of your previous stage or towards your next accommodation.

3) Several days of walking, perspiration, rain, you wish to restore an air of appropriate to your clothes, confide the we shall wash them to you and shall make dry and folded.

4) You wish to fill up food, we shall propose you our basket furnished in the request.

5) Need of an extra stick someone in stock wait for you.

6) After long hours of  walking of small wounds disturb you, we shall supply you a small first-aid kit with bandage, disinfecting, ...

7) You wish to communicate with your friends or parents by telephone basic salary or by E_mail we supply you the necessary infrastructure. Fixed telephone, PC

8) You wish a moment of peace and of meditation we fitted out to you in the garden a small oratory. 

9) We suppose that you have already consulted them, but you will find in our section
links some web sites on the roads of Compostelle

Saint Jacques de compostelle / Statue datée 1650-1690

Chemin 9 du parc  Chemin d'accès pieton aux sources de Lugus


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