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-- Visit without moderation ... 8 décember to Lyon, Party of the lights--          

Lyon in its more beautiful assets, wraps light...

This year 2013, the festival of the lights in Lyon will proceed of December 6th to 9th. Lyon avoids light, known artists or one evening transforms of a blow of luminous rod, its frontages, its gardens, its places and its monuments.



It is the occasion for the Lyoneses to equip their windows and balconies with a multitude of candle ends coloured (to the attention of Marie) and to go down in the street, to have fun the festival.


You come to join to them to take part in this popular jubilation.

This year, 80 luminous tables, distributed in the city, are proposed with the public.


Difficult to make its choice!


But we are there precisely to accompany you and guide you towards most spectacular.
Do not hesitate any more and join us with your friends.



PS: Do not forget your cameras to see its tripod you will have time to carry out splendid memories.

PS2: Do not take account of the weather the festival takes place in all the cases.

 --For a Historical background Click ici--


.Spectacle of lights

 Each year the topics of the various tables change here some examples of what you could have seen these last years. (Or open the diaporama here). 


 Illuminations of Lyon

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