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Lugus comes from the name of a Celtic God ( Lugh), who is also a conscript Lug at the Gauls. It is the god of the light, the protector of the travelers and the inventor of the arts.

During the conquest of the Gaul by Julius Caesar, He was the custom in César Rome where all the Gods are the same about is the met civilizations. So the Greek Gods are likened in Gods Romain (Heracles becomes Hercule). César also makes for the gods Gauls and Celts so. Lugus is likened to Mercury Gods of the light and the arts.

When Auguste a new city at the edge of the Rhône and of the Saône, the hill which overhangs both rivers was the place of the cult of the God Lugus. Auguste will thus make " the fortress of Lugus ", or Lugdunum, today Lyon.